UPND creating pattern hate crime is only committed against Tonga people – Lungu

UPND creating pattern hate crime is only committed against Tonga people – Lungu

He argues:

My Fellow Citizens,

This morning, I have been reminded of Jackson Chama, a young Zambian who is serving one year imprisonment sentence in Kalomo prison since February 2024 for “hate speech” against the Tonga people. The offense was allegedly committed in Lusaka but the complainant emerged in Kalomo, Southern Province.

You all know the story of “Why me”, another young man who is equally in police custody in Livingstone now for allegedly “hate speech” against the Tonga people. The alleged offense was committed in Lusaka but again the complainant emerged from Southern Province. Hence, he is being held there without police bond or trial since last month.

The famous prison sentence of our own Dr. Chishimba Kambwili of PF is public information. The offense is the same-“hate speech” against the Tonga people. Such examples today are too many. As a lawyer, former President, politician and law abiding citizen, l want to put it on record that I do not approve any form of “hate speech” against any person, tribe, region or group of people anywhere.

But this is my observation concerning the aforementioned. The UPND government seem to be creating a pattern that “hate speech” is only committed against the Tonga speaking people while other tribes have never suffered similar injuries. What we are witnessing today is retrogressive regionalism that undermines “One Zambia, One Nation”.

By tolerating this ethnic injustice, President Hakainde Hichilema is sowing a bad seed that may germinate into tribal violence and regional conflict soon or later. Any responsible president in State House should know that “this targeted ethnic oppression and tribal discrimination is recipe for political trouble for Zambia in future”. We must condemn and stop it!

As a Former President and an opposition party leader, I would be guilty of a greater crime or sin if I remained silent in the face of such atrocities against our people, against our Zambian constitution. By remaining silent “you are creating a monster in President HH that will bite everyone soon or later”. As a Zambian, please, speak out against this form of divisive nationalism and political injustice.

As a civil nation and democratic society, let us defend “One Zambia, One Nation” at all cost. We are but one nation and one people!

May God Bless Zambia,

H.E. Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu
Sixth Zambian President
PF President

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