Southern & Central provinces to get lions share of imported maize

Southern & Central provinces to get lions share of imported maize

Following the Government’s intention to import about 650, 000 metric tons of maize after the drought that has affected most parts of the Country, it has emerged that Southern Province and the central province with get the larger portion of
a combined total of 420,000 metric tons which is about 55% of the 650 metric tons to be imported.

According to the notice on the invitation for the Application for the importation, supply and delivery of maize seen by the Zambian Business Times – ZBT, the Food Reserve Agency – FRA, has been directed by the government of the republic of Zambia through the Ministry of agriculture, to import 650, 000 metric tons of maize for National strategic food reserves.

The Agency now is inviting applications from eligible companies, organizations or any firm for the importation, supply and delivery of maize as follows.

The break down of the 650, 000 metric tons is as follows: Central with highest allocation of 220, 000 metric tons (Kapiri Mponshi 100, 000 mt, Mkushi 70, 000 mt and Chisamba 50, 000 mt).

Southern Province has second largest allocation with the second largest 200, 000 (Mazabuka 50, 000 metric tons, Monze 50, 000 mt, Choma 50, 000 mt
and Kalomo 50, 000 mt.)

Lusaka is third with 100, 000 mt followed by Eastern Province with 70, 000 metric tons (Chipata 50, 000 mt
and Lundazi 20, 000 mt.)

Meanwhile, Western Province will get the lowest at 20, 000 metric tons with the Copperbelt being the second last with 40, 000.

Meanwhile, the Agency has directed that all Companies or firms which had expressed interest to supply maize before to reapply with the deadline for the receipt of bids/applications is Friday 31st may 2024.

Efforts to however get a comment from FRA on the criteria used, has proved futile by press time.

However, data reviewed by ZBT shows that the southern region of Zambia has been the most affected as it it received the lowest amounts of rain fall.

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