UNZA dispels ascertions of its degree being equal to diploma

UNZA dispels ascertions of its degree being equal to diploma

THE University of Zambia (UNZA) has refuted claims circulating online that its degrees are considered equivalent to diplomas by the UK Home Office.

There response comes after an article written by a Field Ruwe who claimed that a former UNZA student could not be admitted at a certain higher learning Institution abroad because his degree was regarded as a diploma and could suffice as qualifications for a masters program.

UNZA clarified that the UK’s High Potential Individual (HPI) Visa program, designed to attract international professionals, had specific eligibility criteria that include nationality and university attended.

In a statement, UNZA acting head of communication and marketing, Damaseke Chibale said the stated program prioritizes graduates from top universities in select countries and does not imply a ranking of universities worldwide.

Chibale stated that the Visa requirements stipulate that only graduates from the best 50 universities from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and USA are eligible to acquire the HPI Visas.

UNZA emphasized its strong reputation, citing its ranking among the top universities in Sub-Saharan Africa according to Times Higher Education.

The university also highlighted that its graduates are regularly admitted to pursue postgraduate studies in South Africa and the UK, with some receiving prestigious scholarships.

“From the list, it is clear that no university from Africa (South African universities inclusive) and Latin America is listed for this special Visa. It is therefore malicious for the author of this article to single out the University of Zambia degrees without carrying out due diligence but also leaving out his own alumnae universities in the USA. The intentions of the story were made in bad faith to mislead many scholars, students and the public at large.”

Chibale noted that it is clear that the writer conveniently ignored or is unaware of how performance of academic institutions is measured.

He disclosed that the reputable UK-based Times High Education (THE) World University Rankings has ranked the University of Zambia No. 14 out of the best 25 universities in Sub-Saharan Africa and No. 1201-1500 in the world out of 2,671 universities..

Chibale added that the university of Zambia is committed to its mandate if producing highly skilled human capital needed both at national and international levels.

By Catherine Pule


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