South Sudanese Authorities Dismiss Rumors Linked to Ugandan Troops

South Sudanese military authorities on Monday dismissed social media posts that said Uganda’s People Defense Forces are present in the nation’s capital.

Unverified information started circulating on WhatsApp two weeks ago about the presence of three battalions of the Ugandan People’s Defense Forces, UPDF, in Luri village, an area located in Juba County.

General Lul Ruai Koang, the spokesperson for South Sudan’s Peoples Defense Forces, said the information on social media is incorrect and “manufactured.”

“We do not have foreign troops on our land,” the general told VOA.

Gen. Koang said South Sudan invited members of UPDF to help Juba in 2013.

The mission was focused on fighting former members of the Sudan People Liberation Army in Opposition, SPLAIO, formerly a rebel group.

‘’Yes, it is true. There was a deployment of UPDF forces,” he said, adding, “they were foreign troops in South Sudan at the invitation of the government. But this time, we are saying we have not invited anybody.’’

Colonel Deo Akiiki, the deputy spokesperson of UPDF, spoke to a local radio station in Juba last week.

Uganda has not deployed troops to South Sudan, the deputy spokesperson said.

A South Sudanese security expert and former government official who spoke to VOA on condition of anonymity said there is no tangible evidence that Ugandan forces are in Juba.- voaafrica

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