Mwinilungu District, one of the most underdeveloped areas, known for its beautiful nutritious pineapples, mineral resources and warm friendly Lunda speaking people who believe in themselves.

The town lies on the north western coast of Zambia, the real Africa. Zambia a country in the southern region of Africa, Known to the world as one of the most friendly countries in the world, a beacon of peace since its independence in 1964.

Mwinilunga, a quiet town yesterday woke up to some terrifying news, of a gruesome murder. A beautiful young woman’s motionless’ body dumped in the drainage. Upon identification, it was discovered that Mwinilunga’s own Physiotherapist Ms.Twambo Hatima who worked at Mwinilunga District Hospital.

Twambo known for her charismatic personality, a very contagious smile and a charming voice won many hearts in her community and work place.

It’s every woman’s dream to get married to a charming man, a protector and provider. Twaambo married to Coillard Mubita, a Human Resources officer at Mwinilunga health offices, who in nature was supposed to be her protector is in detention as a prime suspect in connection with her murder.

North Western Province police commanding officer Mr. Dennis Moola, yesterday did confirm both the murder of Ms. Twaambo aged 36 and the arrest of her husband Mubita aged 44.

According to reports, the couple had a misunderstanding on Saturday evening which led to Mr. Mubita storming out of the house in anger, only to return on Monday and became more angrier because he didn’t find his wife home.

When Twambo, returned home around 21:00 hours, Mubita is said to have attacked her violently outside their gate.

From the attack that eventually claimed her life, Twambo suffered deep cuts on the neck inflicted by a sharp instrument.

Her relatives later found her motionless body drenched in oozing blood in a nearby drainage outside their house before they rushed to Mwinilunga District Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Twambo’s niece, Racheal Nyambe aged 18 then went on to report the matter to Mwinilunga Police Station.


-Chris Mwansa

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