The Former Zesco employee who committed suicide by setting himself ablaze last week had initially attempted to kill himself at a graveyard because he did not want to share property with his wife as ordered by a local court.

According to neighbours, Charles Ngoma, aged 53, a day before he committed suicide, phoned one of his male neighbours, saying he was at a graveyard to kill himself, a situation which sent the neighbours into panic.

After a few hours, neighbours were shocked to see him return home alive.

According to a neighbour who was found at the scene of the crime, Ngoma sent a message to her husband saying “I wanted to commit suicide at a graveyard but I could not, there is no way I will let anyone enjoy my property, so I will burn myself and all my property, I will leave together with my things in the grave”.

The source, who sought anonymity, told Sunday Mail in an exclusive interview that a few hours after Ngoma sent the message to her husband, they saw him with containers of diesel but thought it was meant for refuelling his vehicle.

“This man was so greedy, he did exactly what he said in the message. After a few minutes, we saw his house on fire, he locked the gate. We are happy that he did not kill his wife,” she said.

According to the source, neighbours are happy that Ngoma did not kill his former wife because he had turned her into a punching bag. The source recalled one day when Ngoma assaulted his wife using a shovel causing her serious injuries.

“This man was so cruel. He was moving with his wife’s underwear showing everywhere and showing it to people saying his wife was so dirty that she never washes her pants. We are just grateful that he died instead of taking her life, let him rest in peace,” the source said.

Zambia Daily mail

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