Mbappé suspects PSG of leaking news of his exit to the media

PSG and Kylian Mbappé relationship is getting worse as the season continues in its latest months. Mbappé seems more relaxed and unbothered after the news broke of his announcing his departure from PSG to his teammates at the French club.

The relationship between PSG coach Luis Enrique and Mbappé seems to be dissolving while the season continues at a crucial time for the team.


Foot Mercato reports that the relationship between Kylian Mbappé and Luis Enrique has completely broken down. PSG sources even claim that the two men “can no longer stand each other in private.”

Luis Enrique subbed off Mbappé for two games in a row and hinted that Mbappé will no longer be with PSG in the near future. Enrique said, “I have been in football for quite a long time; you must know that everything is important in this kind of club. Sooner or later, we will play without Mbappé; we have to get used to that.”


According to L’Equipe, Kylian Mbappé suspects PSG of leaking his departure to the media prematurely, as it deviates from the agreed timeline between the player and the club. Mbappé feels betrayed, believing PSG has reneged on their agreement and acted deceitfully.

Nevertheless, despite the alleged breach of trust, the French football star remains determined to proceed with negotiations with Real Madrid.

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It appears likely that Mbappé will join the Spanish giants, with his contract with PSG expiring this summer, facilitating a move to Madrid on a free transfer. Additionally, it’s reported that Mbappé will receive bonuses from Real Madrid as part of the deal.

PSG fans are not happy with Mbappé at the PSG stadium

Outside the PSG stadium, fans are displaying signs of frustration towards Kylian Mbappé following the announcement of his imminent departure from the club.

They express their disappointment at his apparent lack of concern about not playing for PSG anymore. Banners held up by PSG supporters outside the stadium convey their sentiments: “Kylian Mbappé: I can’t wait for June 30!”—the date his contract expires.


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