Marriage has changed my music – Chef 187

Marriage has changed my music – Chef 187

RAPPER Kondwani Kaira, known by his stage name Chef 187, is spicing things up in the kitchen! The Zambian musician yesterday dropped two new singles, “Spyling” and “360,” marking a shift in his music since getting married.

Appearing on Hot FM, Chef 187 stated that his current music is different from the type of music he used to make when he was a bachelor.

The Numeral Uno said marriage has changed the content of his music noting that it would be a lot of trouble if the content of his music didn’t change despite his marital status.

However, this isn’t a complete departure from his signature style, though.

Fans can still expect the Chef 187 they know and love, but with a touch of marital maturity as he stated that there are just some certain things he can’t talk about as it was when he was single hence being mindful in his songs.

“When I was not married, I was making music that sounded a certain way but now that I’m in a family set up I can’t go back to my old self but if you listen to my music you could tell what stage I’m at in my life,” shared Chef 187.

“Marriage has changed the content of my music, it would be a lot of trouble if the content of my music didn’t change even after being a married man. There’s a lot of things that I used to say then that I can’t say now because I’m married.”

The rapper said he appreciates love and his part in music is now about love.

Despite having a studio at home, Chef shared that there are certain songs he can’t record from home for fear of being questioned by his wife like “Ninshi takwaba ukukula mu music?” (Does it mean that artistes don’t ever grow up)?”

When asked about his being quiet for a year now, the rapper responded that every artiste goes through writer’s block at some point but has to go back to their creative space which he has now emerged from.

Spyling and 360, his two new singles are a way of the artiste moving from his most recent album Broke No Lunkumbwa which was released about a year ago…

By Catherine Pule

Kalemba, May 11, 2024

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