I was wrongly convicted – Amos Chanda

For Immediate Release

Denied all allegations and appealed decision by Lusaka Magistrate

Lusaka, (22 March 2024)— On 13 March 2024, Lusaka magistrate Dominic Makalicha wrongly convicted me and two others on charges that we used insulting language against officers of the Anti-Corruption Commission who raided four of our properties in Lusaka on 27 October 2021.

We have always denied these allegations and we have therefore appealed this unfair decision by the magistrate.

Immediately after the judgment last week, we challenged the decision and promptly filed for bail pending the hearing of the appeal in the Lusaka High Court. But the magistrate decided that he would only hear our bail application eight ( days later. Yesterday, 21 March 2024, our bail application was granted and we now await the hearing of the appeal in the High Court.

In the intervening period between the court’s decision last week and now, some an unknown individuals created various anonymous digital media platforms and commented on this matter purporting to be representing my political views and legal position on this matter. I wish to state that any commentaries and statements preceding this one, do not represent my position at all.

My position, contrary to those false representations on Facebook and Whatsapp platforms, is, and has always been, that I remain an independent consultant in the private sector since my resignation from the public service on 6 June 2019.

Only my public affairs consultants or my defence attorneys have the full mandate to represent me in this matter, or any other interests incidental to these proceedings. For the record, the defence lawyers with conduct of this matter are the following: Messrs Lusenga Mulongoti Advocates;Messrs Joseph Chirwa and Associates, Messrs Wila Mutofwe and Associates, and Messrs Makebi
Zulu Advocates.

The media and general public are hereby advised accordingly.

Signed: Amos Chanda
Issued at Lusaka under my hand on 22 March 2024

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