“KK is weeping in his grave” – EDGAR LUNGU

“KK is weeping in his grave” – EDGAR LUNGU


….Former President ECL delivers a special address on the Centenary celebration of Zambias founding father Dr Kenneth David Kaunda….

The founding father of Zambia Dr. Kenneth Kaunda must be weeping in his grave when he sees how most Zambians living in abject poverty said the sixth President H.E Edgar Lungu.

In a live national address aired on Dr. Kaunda´s centenary, President Lungu said the first Presidents anguish over Zambia´s poverty predicament is compounded by the wanton rising abuse of human rights and deteriorating rule of law.

“Dr. Kaunda is weeping from his grave today when he sees the country he helped found face abject poverty and wanton abuse of human rights,” said Dr. Lungu.

The former President reminded Zambians that the history of the southern African nation would be ´incomplete´ without the mention of Dr. Kaunda, his contribution to job and national wealth creation and uniting Zambia which has more than 70 tribes.

“He united the 73 tribes of Zambia and taught us that Zambia was just one nation through his doctrine of ´One Zambia one Nation,´” President Lungu said.

Dr. Lungu added that Kaunda, “taught us that we can build our own national wealth through ZCCM and INDECO, this remains undisputed to date.”

The sixth President also lauded Dr. Kaunda for cutting short his term of office in 1991 when a clarion call for the return to multi-party democracy reached a crescendo to avoid conflict.

President Lungu said on a geopolitical front, “Dr Kaunda did not shy away from speaking against apartheid in South Africa, oppression in Namibia, Angola, Mozambique, and the rest of Africa and all the way to Palestine.”
President Lungu also beseeched Zambians to emulate “the legacy of Kaunda and see how we can do better than he did.”

Dr. Lungu bemoaned the continued rise in the cost of the staple mealie meal and fuel which he said is pushing Zambians into destitution daily.

Dr Kaunda, born at Lubwa Mission in Chinsali on 28th April 1924, northern Zambia, died 17th June 2021 aged 97 would have turned 100 years this week.

He ruled Zambia from 1964 to 1991 when Zambia was largely a one-party democratic state under UNIP before multi-party democracy returned via MMD.

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