You’re scamming your wife for rent” Netizens slam Kess over his support for TB Joshua

You’re scamming your wife for rent” Netizens slam Kess over his support for TB Joshua
Am overzealous netizen has taken to Twitter to slam reality tv star Kess over his support for the late TB Joshua.

Big Brother Naija star Kess has continued to talk about the late pastor T.B. Joshua after the recent BBC documentary on him. Kess insists that T.B. Joshua is still his pastor, despite negative claims in the documentary.

Netizens had reacted to his statement but one reaction had stood out gaining popularity. One netizen known as Elvis Christian slammed him for scamming his wife and sleeping with his colleagues drawing parallels betwteen his actions and his belief in the pastor.

“You’re scamming your wife for rent and sleeping with your “colleague”Of course he’s your pastor.”

A few days ago, the BBC released a new documentary discussing allegations against T.B. Joshua, who passed away in 2021. The documentary includes stories from people who say they were harmed by the pastor.

They claim he did bad things in his church, including rape, with some saying it happened when they were just 14. They also talk about feeling trapped in his religious teachings and how he seemed almost like a god to them.

Despite these serious accusations, Kess is supporting the late pastor. He criticized the BBC news and said that just because someone says something doesn’t mean it’s true. Kess believes a smart person would ask for a fair and thorough investigation. Until there is evidence to support the claims, he thinks people should trust T.B. Joshua based on their own feelings. Kess shared that his relatives have claimed T.B. Joshua healed them.

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