Young Zambian champ takes a jab at Esther Phiri

Young Zambian champ takes a jab at Esther Phiri

A STORM has just been stirred in Zambia’s boxing arena, as Catherine Mulyata, the fierce and reigning champion of the ring, issues a bold challenge to the once-revered warrior, Esther Phiri.

Rising like a phoenix, Mulyata, at the tender age of 23, holds the Welterweight crown firmly in her grasp, her prowess unmatched and her determination unwavering.

She thinks Phiri is too old to step into the ring and looking forward to having a chance at tutoring the former champion with some Gen Z type of fighting.

Her call to arms comes as former champion Esther wants to step into the ring after a long stay without throwing punches at opponents.

Mulyata is the current Women’s Professional Boxing Federation (WPBF) and women Welterweight champion.

She told Kalemba that Phiri has contributed a lot to female boxing in the country and her retirement was timely.

Speaking in an interview with Kalemba, Mulyata said Phiri should not have come back because her time had already passed.

“Boxing is for young and fit People not like her. I will challenge Esther and knock her out in three rounds, she should not have come back” Mulyata boldly said.

Phiri retired from active boxing in February 2013 and later rescinded her decision in 2014.

However, the 36 year old former Women International Boxing Association (WIBA) champion has not fought since 2015 when she drew with Sandra Almeida.

Mulyata has since welcomed the former champion with a challenge.

Meanwhile, the 23 year old will be facing DR Congo’s Raisa Nyesa in a 6 round Welterweight clash on April 6, 2024 and she promises to be the first female Zambian to win a Congolese female fighter.

By Elesani Phiri


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