Fred M’membe



The tendency by the UPND praise singers to denounce us and those with foresight for telling their leaders the truth should come to an end. They want to turn Zambia into a dictatorship in which everyone should think, dream and view the world in the same way.

We maintain our humble position that it’s not wise to raise our people’s hopes very high over this debt restructuring deal. Yes, it gives us a sigh of relief. But this guarantees us nothing.

Our economic recovery is not simply about debt restructuring. More than debt restructuring needs to be done to give our people a better life. We had complete debt write-off under HIPC, what and how much economic prosperity did that bring us?

Our friends in the UPND and its government seem to have the misconception that it is all about agreement and harmony.

They want everyone to sing praise songs even when there is no praise to sing about. Was Mr Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND praise singers for the previous governments? Did Mr Hichilema ever praise any previous government for anything? Why do they want to change the rules of the game for opposition now that they are in power?

We wish them well and we all look forward to a speedy economic recovery as Mr Hichilema has promised yet again. We want to see our country and our people to do better.

Our people do not deserve more lies and false hope. They deserve nothing but a truthful and honest leadership.

Fred M’membe
President of Socialist Party

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