UKA boss Edgar Lungu fumes at police, says Hichilema may go before 2026

UKA boss fumes at police, says Hichilema may go before 2026

AN EMOTIONALLY charged Edgar Lungu yesterday fumed at police complaining that they had treated him “badly”.

The former president suggested that if police continued to conduct themselves in the manner they were doing currently, they would cause Zambians to rise and remove President Hakainde Hichilema from the republican presidency before 2026.

Lungu’s emotional outbursts were as a result of a minor altercation with officers at Kabwata Police Station in Lusaka where he had gone to visit detained officials affiliated to his share of the PF yesterday.

The altercation began simmering when police used teargas cannisters to scatter cadres who had been rounded up and bused to Kabwata Police Station to put up a sing-and-dance show complete with running commentary in solidarity with Raphael Nakacinda who had been detained on Monday morning.

In the process, police arrested four people including former ambassador to Ethiopia Emmanuel Mwamba for disorderly conduct.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga explained, “As a result of their disorderly conduct, the…persons were apprehended and detained for the offense of Disorderly Conduct in Police Station.”

Upon hearing of the arrests, Lungu who is also United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) boss dropped whatever he was doing and rushed to Kabwata Police Station.

On arrival at the Police Station, Lungu was not too pleased with his interactions with Graphel Musamba’s men women who had now reinforced to deal with any cadre mischief.

“I’m telling the police that they should hold their horses and behave in a civil manner because they might precipitate a situation where President HH is forced to give up power sooner than later, before 2026.”

“I feel I was treated very badly. They were threatening that they would call in reinforcements, throw tear gas at us, like they did in the morning. But my response to that was, I’m not afraid of being tear-gassed, I’m not afraid of being shot at, I’m not afraid of being shot dead.”

Lungu further criticized the police for not allowing him access to Nakacinda during his detention, saying “I’m a Zambian citizen entitled to all the rights. Forget about the fact that I have been president previously.”

He urged the government to focus on addressing pressing issues such as the high cost of living, drought, and healthcare, rather than engaging in what he perceives as intimidation tactics against the opposition.

Meanwhile, Hamoonga clarified that Nakacinda had been released on police bond, and the four arrested individuals were awaiting sureties for their release.

Hamoonga reiterated the police’s commitment to addressing the situation within the bounds of established laws.

By Moses Makwaya

Credit: Kalemba

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