A yet to be identified man in Choma District has died after he was hit by a Passenger Train on Tuesday morning.

The incident was reported to Choma Police Station by 58-year-old Leo Phiri of Macha Road Compound who was operating the Locomotive at the time of the fatality.

Phiri narrated that whilst heading north opposite Easy Home Shopping Complex, the train hit a male person who was spotted sleeping on the rail line about 2 kilometers away from Choma Railway Station.

Confirming the incident, Southern Province Commissioner of Police, Auxensio Daka, notes that the Passenger Trian started off around 06:30 hours heading for Lusaka.

He says after covering the aforementioned distance, the Operator saw a male person seated on the rail line while his head faced down, a sign that he was sleeping.

Daka explains that the Operator attempted to apply emergency breaks while hooting, but there was no action taken by that person until the train crashed him.

Acting on the report, Police rushed to the scene and found the remains of the deceased lying along the railway line, crashed into pieces and beyond recognition and have since deposited them at the Choma General Hospital.

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