There’s no longer lunch in our communities, complains Sinda councilor

There’s no longer lunch in our communities, complains Sinda councilor

By Richard Luo in Sinda

CHING’OMBE ward councillor in Kapoche constituency of Sinda district Thaulo Banda has bemoaned hunger in the area.

Banda says people have now resorted to digging roots in the forest as food.

“As we travel in these villages, it’s so sad and pathetic to see that people stopped cooking lunch. There is no longer lunch in our communities as people eat once or nothing at all as people spend three days without eating anything. Now they have resorted to digging roots from the forest which we call mpama but to those that doesn’t know how to cook them, they throw them away because they are bitter and poisonous at the same time to those that doesn’t know how to prepare them,” he said in a statement. ‘’The situation is terribly bad as there is no one to look after the other. Look to the sky, rains are not coming, in homes people don’t have food; we don’t know what is happening now, we just wait for God to come in.”

Banda however thanked government for distributing 544 bags of relief food under the Vice-President’s Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit.

“I want to thank government for giving us food at the right time because hunger in our communities it’s high, but upon lobbying to it, it managed to give us about 544 bags which we have distributed to our people. We say thank you but please many are those that haven’t received,” said Banda.

And headman Nyamutuma whose name is Phackson Njobvu has appealed to government to quickly find ways of helping people on long term basis in view of the hunger situation.

“Napapata boma tithandizeni chifukwa banthu akufwa na njala, pali pano zulalira delele na mthopo tetyo ngati tuliko tuyakine tuvinchewere apenkoni. Zinthu sizili bwino kuno kumidzi (please government, help us before people die; if there is some maize left because things are not okay here in villages ),” said Njobvu.[The Mast]

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