Socialist Party Youth League Urges Non-Political Approach to Combat Cholera Outbreak in Lusaka


Socialist Party Youth League Urges Non-Political Approach to Combat Cholera Outbreak in Lusaka

Lusaka, [10-01-2024] – We the Socialist Party Youth League strongly condemns the politicization of the multi-sectoral approach to combatting the cholera outbreak in Lusaka. We call for a non-partisan and collaborative response to this severe health issue.

Cholera is a critical health concern that requires unity and coordinated efforts from all stakeholders. Our priority must be the well-being and safety of the people, and personal agendas should not interfere with the fight against this disease. The multi-sectoral approach, involving government bodies, NGOs, civil society organizations, and political parties, is designed to work together towards the common goal of eradicating cholera in Lusaka.

We commend the efforts of the Patriotic Front (PF) leadership in cleaning the Lusaka Central Business District (CBD). Any questioning of this action, such as what the deputy mayor has done, only serves to create division and hinder progress in the fight against cholera.

The Socialist Party Youth League firmly believes that politicizing the multi-sectoral approach is unjustified. Combating cholera requires the involvement and cooperation of all stakeholders, regardless of their political affiliations. We urge Ms. Ketty Nanyangwe to refrain from politicizing the issue and instead actively support the collaborative efforts of all parties involved.

It is crucial for all actors, including the Deputy Mayor, to work together in a non-partisan manner to find sustainable solutions to the cholera crisis.

We call on all stakeholders, including government officials, NGOs, civil society organizations, and political parties, to unite and collaborate in finding long-term solutions for eradicating cholera in Lusaka. Together, we can achieve genuine progress and create a healthier future for all citizens.


About Socialist Party Youth League:

The Socialist Party Youth League is a political youth organization affiliated with the Socialist Party of Zambia. Our mission is to promote socialist principles and ideologies among the youth of Zambia. We advocate for social justice, equality, and the welfare of the working class. Our aim is to mobilize young people and engage them in political activism and social movements. The Socialist Party Youth League takes a proactive stance on various social issues in Zambia, including the fight against cholera and other public health challenges.

ISSUED and signed//:

Cde Gabriel BANDA
National Youth Secretary
Socialist Party

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