UNLESS and until the UPND government change their style of governance and begin fearing and listening to people, the riots and protests that have started will soon become spontaneous and it will not be long before the Hakainde Hichilema will be consumed by the people’s anger and power, Harry Kalaba has warned.

Yesterday, residents of Mansa’s Namwandwe area rioted after a suspected UPND cadre attempted a man who was playing the Patriotic Front (PF) popular song alebwelelapo but was met with resistance from women and other onlookers.

In a running battle, Police had to fire teargas canisters after the resident armed an assortment of ammunitions including stones spilled on the road, burning tyres and anything they came across.

“We warned Mr Hakaninde Hichilema to start listening to the cries and demand of the people but because of his arrogance, he believes he can use the police to suppress the anger of Zambians

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