HH awards 20% salary increment to Chief Justice Mumba Malila

In a move that has generated public attention and questions from some civil servants, President Hakainde Hichilema – HH has awarded a 20% salary increment to the Chief Justice Mumba Malila.

This is in comparison to the about 7 to 10% (K550 across the board) salary increments awarded to most government employees and civil servants for 2024.

The recent statutory instrument, number 34 of 2024, revealed that President Hichilema has elevated the Basic Salary per annum for Chief Justice Mumba Malila to over K511,500.

This marks a significant increase of about 20% from the Chief Justice’s previous Basic Salary per annum of K431,131 as of June 2023, as indicated in an… follow the link to read the full article https://zambianbusinesstimes.com/25456-2/

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