The Road Development Agency (RDA) today engaged the Association of Consulting Engineers of Zambia (ACEZ) to discuss matters pertaining to the Road Sector in Zambia.

RDA Director and Chief Executive Officer, Eng. Grace Mutembo said the primary purpose of the meeting was to provide a platform for constructive dialogue and collaboration among key stakeholders in the Road Sector.

The engagement was also aimed at enhancing knowledge sharing and capturing lessons learnt.

“By working together, we can leverage our collective expertise and resources to overcome challenges and drive positive change within the sector through evidence-based and home-grown solutions for challenges being faced by our country,” Eng. Mutembo said during the meeting held at RDA Head Office.

Eng. Mutembo said the road sector faced various challenges ranging from financial constraints, premature pavement failures, technical complexities, operational constraints and the adverse impacts of climate change.

“Through collaborative forums like this, we can identify solutions and strategies to address these challenges sustainably and progressively,” she said.

She added that the objective of the interaction was to facilitate meaningful discussions that not only addressed current challenges but also identified opportunities for innovation and structured improvements.

ACEZ was represented by the Association President, Eng. Oliver Makungu, Immediate Past President, Eng. Andrew Ngosa and ACEZ Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Chituwa S. Chulu, Vice President, Eng. Tresphor Musonda, Committee Member, Eng. Joseph Nyirenda and Committee Member, Eng. Lucy Tembo.

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