From Copperbelt Cobbles to world’s most expensive: Kundananji blazes trail

From Copperbelt Cobbles to world’s most expensive: Kundananji blazes trail

JUST six years ago, 23-year-old Copper Queens striker Racheal Kundananji kicked a plastic ball on dusty pitches, her talent hidden from even her family but now, she has shattered the world record for a female footballer’s transfer.

According to the BBC Bay FC are shelling out a staggering US$860,000 to bring her across the Atlantic from Madrid CFF to the US.

This isn’t just a personal triumph, it’s a moment for all of Africa Kundananji, the “Copper Queen” has become the first African player, male or female, to hold this prestigious title.

Her journey is paved with determination.

In Zambia, where girls were often discouraged from pursuing football, Kundananji defied expectations and has contributed to the rise of female football in the country.

She honed her skills on makeshift pitches, fueled by an unwavering dream of shining on the world stage.

Her scorching 33 goals in 43 games for Madrid CFF caught the eye of Bay FC, who saw in her not just a prolific scorer, but an “inspiration.”

But Kundananji isn’t just about the goals. She’s a beacon of hope for young girls across Africa, proving that their dreams are not limited by dusty pitches or societal norms.

“What I really want to say to girls is that they just need to follow their dreams and do what they love doing. Many of our parents will force us to do what we don’t love but then we end up with regrets,” she told the BBC.

“Choose your own path and work hard; then, as time goes on, your parents will support you.”

Kundananji finds a powerful ally in teammate and fellow African icon, Asisat Oshoala who left Barcelona.

Together, they form a strike force that promises to electrify the NWSL and inspire legions of young fans.

From the copperbelt cobbles to the biggest stage, she’s a trailblazer, demonstrating that African talent can not only compete, but shatter glass ceilings.

“A lot of people have encouraged me to work hard and some even said ‘maybe one day you’ll break some records…This is the first one and I know there are more coming. I will do my level best and fight every time I play, like I always do,” she said.

“I want to give the [Bay FC] fans what they want – to enjoy the games, to enjoy seeing me playing and scoring.


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