Police Not Happy With Edgar Lungu’s Junkie Behaviour

Police Not Happy With Edgar Lungu’s Junkie Behaviour.

The hardworking men and women in uniform who look useless until they start Looking for you have observed with a concerning incident involving the camera happy Former President Edgar Lungu.

A super excited Alebwelelapo fully charged Adada led a group of individuals from Lusaka’s cheating infested Town Centre around 11:30 hours into Cairo Road like Moses crossing the red sea.

The incident caused significant disruptions to traffic, And police say they want to emphasize that such actions constitute an unlawful assembly, and regardless of one’s former status as a head of state, adherence to the law is non-negotiable.

We hereby caution Former President Lungu that no one is above the law, and the police will not hesitate to enforce it. Engaging in activities that disrupt public order and safety will not be tolerated, and those who act with impunity will face legal consequences.

We urge Former President Lungu to conduct himself within the confines of the law and to refrain from actions that disrupt public peace and order. Failure to comply will result in the necessary legal actions being taken. Rae Hamoonga confirmed in a statement.

Commonly known as Adada on the campaign grounds, The 2021 Ballot box rejected victim of a former president seems to be closing in on his 2026 Alebwelelapo project and his tabloids however he gets excited when surrounded with people and camera’s like a 5 year old those days when you offer them coconut flavoured chico biscuit.

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