By Kenneth Mohammed Haddebe (South Africa)

There was drama at the Pan African Parliament in Midrand South Africa on Tuesday as the 2nd Vice President Dr Ahebiri Gayo tried to invade PAP Offices before being assisted by the police to exit the premises.

Dr Gayo was in the company of the embattled Zambian Legislator Hon Sampa together with other eight( Members of Parliament from Zambia, Malawi and Botswana. Among the notorious crew was Zambia’s social media influencer, Joseph Kalimbwe(misleading X/Tweeter users).

The unprecedented move comes amid the reinstating of Hon Lucia Dos Passos as the Acting President of Pan African Parliament at the just ended AU Summit. The decision by AU put to an end of the era of Gayo’s unsanctioned leadership at PAP.

However, Gayo and his crew were discontent with the decision made by the African Union as he now resort to invade PAP Offices.

A PAP official (name withheld) told Spotlight Global News that Gayo and his crew stormed the Pan African Parliament in Midrand on Tuesday to disrupt a meeting convened by the Acting President Hon. Luci Dos Passos. This also saw the reinstating of the Clerk of Parliament Parliament together with Mr. Kenneth Akibate as Acting DC-FAHR.

“Hon. Lucia Dos Passos assumed her position as Acting President today in compliance with the Executive Council decision and immediately reinstated the Clerk and Mr. Kenneth Akibate as Acting DC-FAHR.”

“She then convened a meeting with staff in Committee Room 3 to update them on the Executive Council decision and Hon. Gayo, Hon. Sampa, about 8 MPs from Zambia, Malawi and Botswana and Joseph Kalimbwe pitched up at PAP while Hon. Lucia was addressing staff and attempted to disrupt the meeting.”

Police stopped the crew as they tried to disturb the proceedings of the day at PAP, led by Hon Lucia. They will not be allowed again to invade PAP.

“They were, however, stopped by Police and they ended up congregating in Committee Room 4 for about 20 mins before proceeding to Gayo’s office for another 20 mins and eventually leaving the premises. The plan to disrupt the meeting and reinstall Gayo as Acting President was foiled and from tomorrow they will not be allowed into the PAP precincts.”

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