By Fox Correspondent
HOME Affairs Minister, Jack Mwiimbu’s continued arrogancy and lack of knowledge on matters of operation and registration of any alliance in the country, Lukashya PF member of parliament, George Chisanga ha said.

Chisanga has further challenged Mwiimbu to closely watch how his ministry has shrunk the democratic space in the country with the use of police officers, who are now behaving like another branch of the UPND.

He says what was disturbing is lack of truthfulness in the manner the UPND leadership was portraying things, adding that Mwiimbu had easily forgotten that two and half years they had UPND -ALLIANCE which won the 2021 elections the entity was not registered and was allowed to hold rallies as such.

“UPND did not form government alone but as an alliance with other political parties. So, the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) has a right to hold its rallies as planned in Kafue or elsewhere becuase it it an allianof registered political parties. In 2021 the UPND did not campaign as a political party, but as an alliance,” he said.

Speaking on Radio Mano in Kasama, Chisanga who is also PF Chairman for Legal Affairs said the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) does not need to be registered before it can hold rallies becuase it is comprised of registered political parties, adding that there was no law stopping an Alliance from functioning.

He said claims by the police that Zambia lacks security hold no water adding that President Haakainde Hichilema has kicked off a Copperbelt tour for five (5) days during which his party as UPND would hold rallies.

Chisanga said the banning of rallies for the opposition was only meant to stop the former ruling party, the PF and not security as the police claimed.

He said the UPND had compromised institutions of governance such as the Human Rights Commission (HRC), the Electoral Commission Zambia (ECZ), unfortunately with the Judiciary as well and the National Assembly and many others to use them against other political parties such as the PF.

He has accused the UPND of dominating operations of the Registrar of Societies to change names of the PF office Bearers while it has completely destroyed the National Assembly where democracy had no space at all.

And Chiansa said the suspensions of the PF leadership in Parliament was unlawful saying the leaders such as Leader of the opposition in Parliament Brain Mundubile, Stephen Kampyongo who is supossed to be the Opposition Chief Whip and Anthony Kasandwe was simply meant to weaken and destroy the PF.

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