Hon. Jack Mwiimbu has been a member of parliament for over 20years and has practiced law for over 25years. We can simply say the man has achieved a lot in his life and can be described as a modern day successful man.

When he was appointed Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister by President Hakahinde Hichilema, some of us had hope that this man was going to make a good chief advisor to the president for Internal Affairs and Security, because this is a man who has seen UNIP, MMD and PF being voted out by the people mostly due to poor home policies and policing.

Bo Jack has continued to make scandalous and unpopular decisions to the detriment of president HH and UPND government. The circus around the grabbing of PF by Miles Sampa and consequential removal of the Registrar of Societies from her office all to make sure PF is distabilized, is but one of the historical bad decision that will not be easily erased in our history books.

The recent pronouncement by bo Jack that the opposition United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) is an illegal organization as such can not be allowed to hold rallies, mobilize and participate in government and political activities, has just put the last nail on the coffin and confirms that bo Jack is either jealous of his brother HH whom he may want to fail or he has grown too old to add value to our young democracy.

With the level of education attached to bo Jack, one will not think he can make such low level reasoning.

Firstly, he knows very well that he is the man at the helm of registering societies and clubs through the registrar of societies, he must not think Zambians don’t know that he allowed Miles Sampa to do fingerprints at night on a public holiday with Zambia Police while the UKA team has not been allowed to do fingerprints for over a month.

Secondly, bo Jack knows from deep down his heart that the UKA Alliance doesn’t need to be registered to operate because it’s made up of already existing registered political parties just like the UPND Alliance was. Registering it is just optional but not mandatory because there’s no law in Zambia that governs political party alliances. Perhaps bo Jack needs to bring back the political party bill which was thrown out through the famous Bill10 of 2019, where political alliances laws can be included.

Thirdly and finally, this is the man who is at the helm of instructing the police to arrest a Ndola Mayor, Kabwe Councilors and Kitwe Councilors on the day of voting for the deputy Mayor in those municipalities, to make matters worse the summoning of a Catholic Priest in Ndola because of his Church Sermon on Easter has ignited anger. Civil Society Organizations and the Church have all voiced out and condemned these poor and unpopular decisions under bo Jack’s watch.

Am happy my friend and brother Liswaniso Gilbert has advised the police IG to allow opposition to exist and do politics because as it stands, UPND is only doing politics alone. It’s a ruling party and has created opposition within itself e.g the creation of Leader of Opposition in Parliament through Miles Sampa and his cohorts bena Chabinga.

If the above is sending a bad signal in society, then it means bo Jack is paving way for HH to fall and perhaps push to take over from him. It’s a battle of brothers.

For democracy to prevail, it was designed to be challenged, in the absence of that, it’s dictatorship, tyrany, authoritarianism or one party state.

Ukwali Nsoke, Takwafwile Muntu

Sampa Mwaume – The Chinsalian
Governance Activist

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