A 42-year-old man of Shibwanza Village in Itezhi-Tezhi District is accused of murdering his 31-year-old wife in unclear circumstances.

Mwando Chivubwe is suspected to have carried out the fatal act on Cleopatra Shimamba between the evening of 1st January, 2024 and 03:00 hours the next morning.

Southern Province Commissioner, Auxensio Daka, notes that on 1st January, 2024, the couple, together with their two-year-old son, went to a nearby market for new year festivities.

Daka conveys that around 21:00 hours, the couple, with their child, were seen leaving the market, however noting that around 22:00 hours, the boy was found loitering alone in the village by one of the locals.

He says after several attempts to find the child’s parents, a community member recognized him, with other concerned members of the community joining to take the child to his parents, who after reaching the abode, were not home.

Daka narrates that the group started looking for the parents, stating that after tracing their footsteps, with an additional clue of footwear recognized as belonging to the victim, they found Shimamba lying on the ground in a field, with the husband nowhere to be found.

He however notes that the victim’s husband was later captured in Luchena area within Itezhi Tezhi as he was trying to flee, adding that physical inspection on the deceased revealed multiple cuts on the back of the head, with blood seen dripping.

Daka says preliminary inquiries from some relatives to the deceased and some neighbours indicate that the husband was usually abusive when he took alcohol.

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