Lungu walks peaceful Lusaka streets

Lungu walks peaceful Lusaka streets

FORMER president Edgar this morning took advantage of the prevailing peaceful atmosphere and absence of political violence to walk the streets of Lusaka and freely interact with citizens.


Part of Lungu’s entourage today, was Petauke Central member parliament Emmanuel Jayjay Banda who at the climax of PF rule led a violent raid on the Lusaka Central Police where trained officers were whipped like children.

This morning, the same crowds that cheered Lungu before voting him out of power in 2021 were once again at hand to cheer him as he toured different places of the Lusaka Central Business District.

Prior to receiving the mother of all electoral defeats ever suffered by an incumbent African Head of State, Lungu conducted several well-organised public parades.

However, the massively-attended tours and town drive throughs did little to save Lungu from a humiliating defeat.

He was resoundingly rejected by seven provinces including Lusaka.

In the wake of surging prices of essential commodities, Lungu took advantage of the prevailing peaceful atmosphere and absence of violent political thugs that sublimed with the loss of the PF to walk the streets and freely interact with citizens.

During his seven-year reign, Lungu had at his disposal, ruthless party thugs whose favourite passtime was to violently lynch and clobber his political rivals on the streets of all cities around the country.

After the walk, Lungu took to his Facebook page to report that traders had told him “Daddy vintu vonse vadula…”.

“However, my word of encouragement to all entrepreneurs, whether small, medium, or large, is this: don’t lose hope; continue working hard fikabalansa, fikapanga sense,” he wrote.

Lungu urged all citizens to continue to support all local businesses, no matter how small or big they may be, “because that’s how we will impact our country’s economic growth by empowering each other”.


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