Kidist Entanglement with Lusaka Tailor Leaves Question Marks

Kidist Entanglement with Lusaka Tailor Leaves Question Marks

Instead of concentrating on adjusting Nakonde jackets and Kamwala pitcots to people’s specifications, Lusaka tailor Harris Nation has found himself entangled with a Lusaka married woman, Kidist

The Lusaka Lilayi-based housewife, took this weekend to cool off with her friends, akin to the penguins of Madagascar, including Lusaka tailor Harris Nation, as her self proclaimed international husband was performing in Malawi.

While her husband, Elton Mulenga, best known as Yo-Maps, is in Lilongwe, Malawi, Kiddist, together with her friends, took off to catch some fun. Videos have circulated showing Mrs. Mulenga engaging in chest-to-chest drinking, with a Lusaka tailor who left his sewing machine and measuring tapes behind to measure how far married women can consume alcohol shots. Surprisingly married multi gravidas never had to labour like a prime gravida with a cervical dilation of 10 cc with strong contraction for them to finish alcohol shots.

The videos have left many fans with question marks, wondering if Mrs. Kiffle needs a refresher on how to behave in public as a married woman. Or perhaps the couple is in an open relationship where anyone can engage with your wife.

Meanwhile, other fans have said there is nothing wrong and that Mrs. Mulenga should be allowed to enjoy her youth.
As the Nurses Bay family we don’t have any issues with those videos
Visit my comment section to access the videos appearing on social media like head on the vulva….

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