Authored By Mupishi Jones

Zambians are getting fatigued with individuals who dare the law and when the law visits them,they develop a medical condition or faint, and when they wake up,they start crying victims!

During abduction,we hear they don’t faint,but when called to assist the police with information in order to arrest the people behind their abduction, we read or see them faint.

During their live broadcast always loaded with derogatory, tribal, defamatory, divisive language press conferences they appear very courageous almost Nelson Mandela’s,even daring the law, but when called by the law to account for their foul language, they develop medical conditions and faint! Real men and women never faint,they stand by their principles.Is their anyone who has ever heard of HH fainting or running away from this country even when he had the capacity to run away during his over 15 times arrests in opposition?

These are the same faces that constantly defend and side with law breakers.Do they want this country to become a country of lawlessness?

In Zambia today, we’re witnessing the same faces time and again crying victims of police victimisation and political persecution over the circumstances which themselves created!
These faces are not ordinary faces but prominent citizens of this country.Some of them claim to be “top-notch” lawyers, some of them law makers, some of them aspiring to be republican presidents, some of them men and women in religious robs.

These people know the laws of this country like the back of their hands.It was going to make sense if they were advocating for the amendment of the existing laws to suit what they want unlike fighting against those enforcing these existing laws.Do they expect those responsible to enforce these laws to let go? Won’t that be tantamount to lawlessness?

You provoke the law, when the law reacts,you faint, what’s that?

The police must stop treating such perpetual law breakers with kid gloves.This culture of daring the law and later cry victim over the circumstances one created for oneself is slowly being entrenched in our society.Citizens are not only watching but learning on how the same laws are applied on certain selected individuals in our country.

This country is not going to be determined by a few constitutional delinquents hiding behind political and tribal persecution.If one commits a crime, he or her is a criminal!
I submit

Mupishi Jones

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