When it comes to pleasing a woman sexually, know that the woman’s most sexually sensitive areas are at the entrance of a lubricated vagina and the top and lower walls inside of a vagina. These two areas can be sexually stimulated by any size of the penis.

The entrance of a lubricated vagina is what excites your wife when you get to push inside her. That is why she enjoys that feeling of you starting penetration.

The top and lower walls inside her are the ones that make her feel good when you are pushing in and out. These walls are very close to the entrance. As you move your penis in and out, your penis rubs on the walls inside giving her sensations.

When she moans and tells you “Harder! Faster! Deeper”, she is asking for more passionate rubs of your penis on her top and lower walls to heighten the sensations.

The stimulation on top and lower walls inside her vagina can vary depending on sex positions: missionary, woman on top, doggy, Mombasa Raha and others. It is all about stimulating the inner walls. The faster you do it, the intense the sensations.

As you do so, those inner walls inside her close in on your penis to help you to please her by pressing her inner walls on your thrusting penis. You on the other hand get pleasure as the tip of your penis rubs on the walls. It is your tip that feels the pleasure regardless of your size.

What matters is not your size. What matters is……

  1. ARE YOU FAITHFUL TO HER? Nothing turns on a woman like knowing her husband is faithful to her. Your faithfulness will release her to giving you her body and allowing herself to enjoy you as you enjoy her
  2. DO YOU TREAT HER RIGHT? When sex is not the agenda, do you treat her well? Do you take care of her emotions? Women make love with their heart. Emotional intimacy leads to sexual intimacy
  3. DO YOU SUFFICIENTLY MAKE HER WET? Do you get horny and just jump on her or do you prepare her? How good is foreplay? Foreplay increases the feeling your penis will eventually give her
  4. DO YOU MAINTAIN YOUR ERECTION? Do this by focusing on her. When you are making love, don’t over think, don’t doubt yourself. Sex starts in the mind. If you lose it in the mind, you will lose your erection. Avoid masturbation as this will help you to find her enjoyable. Avoid pornography, porn makes your wife compete with images of other women in your mind making your penis confused
  5. ARE YOU SELFLESS WHEN IT COMES TO INTIMACY? Do you make sexual pleasure all about you or do you show her that you want to please her? Do you know her favourite position and do you give it as she wants it?
  6. ARE YOU CONFIDENT IN YOURSELF? There are so many men with a penis out there but she chose you. Be confident in all you have to offer. Confidence makes you sexy and attractive. She values your penis because it belongs to you
  7. DO YOU PAY ATTENTION TO HOW HER BODY RESPONDS? Do you listen when she tells you “Faster! Harder”? Do you pay attention to her moaning to tell you she is enjoying what you are doing, keep going?
  8. ARE YOU CARING IN YOUR PASSION? If you have a big penis, are you gentle with it? Do you handle her roughly and hurt her?
  9. DO YOU KNOW HOW TO CHANGE THE RYTHMN? Do you change the speed when penetrating to get her to enjoy various sensations?
  10. In case you do climax before her, do you find other ways to please her or do you leave her alone as you feel like a sexual failure?

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