It is the doctor who endangered my life – Mutale Mwanza claims

It is the doctor who endangered my life – Mutale Mwanza claims

SALACIOUS socialite Mutale Mwanza says the medical doctor who claims to have been agitated by her ‘violent’ behavior in a road rage escaped is the one who actually endangered her life when she refused to give way with her “amateurish” driving.

The Facebook celebrity said Dr Natasha Mulenga ought to have sought permission from motorists who were heading south by flashing lights to signal a “stop and allow me to pass”, by switching to the opposite the lane.

In this matter Dr Mulenga has sued Mwanza in the Lusaka High Court demanding damages for assault for the trauma she suffered as a result of Mwanza’s violent behaviour on the streets of Chainda when they stumbled upon a broken down vehicle.

But in her defense, Mwanza denied intimidating the medical doctor in a road rage.

She said the doctor caused a traffic jam when she refused to give her preferential treatment on reasons that she is a celebrity.

“The plaintiff was overheard shouting from her vehicle when approached by the bus conductor, refusing to reverse. She exclaimed,” just because the plaintiff claims to be a celebrity, you expect me to reverse? I can’t.”” Mwanza said.

She said as a result of the protracted altercation between Dr Mulenga and the bus conductor, she disembarked from her vehicle and confronted the plaintiff through her passenger window politely requested the medical personnel to reverse her vehicle but she refused to reason with her and began to shout.

“Dr Mulenga made a vow that as a result of the incident ,she “will fix the defendant.” These words were spoken by the plaintiff as she slowly reversed her vehicle, flashing her ID, and reiterating to the defendant her intention to take action against her,” Mwanza explained.

She denied banging Dr Mulenga’s vehicle whilst scolding and pointing a gun to her head claiming it is the medical personnel who dressed her down and threatened her.

“The plaintiff’s decision to refuse to give way even after being requested to do so was reckless and dangerous,” Mwanza said.

“The defendant denies ever approaching the plaintiff while armed. Rather the defendant asserts that her fire arm was firmly secured around her waist while she was wearing a long coat.”

Mwanza said the gun was not visible and the Dr might have been agitated by the outline of the grip, leading to a misunderstanding as she had no intentions of causing her terror.

She also explained that the flashing of lights was to warn her that she had already swerved the faulty vehicle.

“The defendant will aver that the plaintiff’s recourse to court proceedings appears to stem from a desire to address emotional grievances through legal means to remedy every minor emotional distress she purports to have suffered,”said Mwanza.

“The plaintiff is not entitled to the reliefs sought.


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