A report from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) titled: “Swazi Secrets – a glimpse inside the tiny Kingdom”, has been brought to my attention. Further, and following this report, the minister in charge of Housing and Infrastructure in Zambia, Mr Charles Milupi, is quoted in one of our local tabloids challenging me to explain the source of the money for my investment or properties in Eswatini.

A casual read of the ICIJ report shows that the report is based on unverified information, innuendos and in many cases, utter lies.

The report, inter alia, alleges that I own a luxurious property in Eswatini. The truth of the matter, however, is that I own NO property in Eswatini.

During my official visit to Eswatini as Head of State in 2018, the King – His Majesty Mswati III – during exchange of gifts, offered me a plot on which he proposed I could build a house. The empty plot was in a gated golf estate and architectural drawings of the proposed house were prepared.

I was extremely grateful for the offer from His Majesty, King Mswati III, but I chose not to take it up particularly after the hullabaloo in Zambia, alleging that the gift was not declared. Therefore, it can clearly be seen that this is not a new allegation. It has been popping up occassionally, especially from malicious people whose fervent desire is to paint me black. I have elected to remain silent all this time out of deep respect for His Majesty, King Mswati III who made that offer in very good faith.

I have now been compelled to respond because I didn’t expect a senior minister in government to throw such a challenge at me when the government – using the state machinery – can easily establish the truth of the matter. I am not surprised, however, because this government has gone to great lengths in throwing all manner of baseless accusations at me.

Similarly, the attack on the Zambian businessman who has settled in Eswatini for decades and has made the Kingdom his home, is clearly malicious.

The Zambian Government offers business opportunities and construction jobs to many international companies from different nations such as China, Turkey, Japan, South Africans, to name but a few.

In this vein, Inyatsi company which is associated with Mr. Michelo Shakantu has enjoyed doing business in Zambia even before I became President. His company, to my knowledge, has had footprint of business since the days of President Levy Mwanawasa to date.

It is, therefore, malicious and mischievious to suggest or portray that Mr Shakantu conducted business with the Zambian Government only during my tenure as President.


Edgar C. Lungu
Zambia’s 6th President
And Patriotic Front President

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