Zambian Missionary Catholic Priest Fr. Christopher Chileshe is expected to be buried in Ghana where he died on Saturday.

Missionaries of Africa Priest Fr. Chileshe, who was born in 1966, died in Ghana over the weekend, where he was serving as Rector of a Formation House.

Fr. Chileshe’s Sister Jennipher Bwalya said the family has accepted the decision to bury him in Ghana because he was a missionary.

“Tentatively we have been informed Fr Chileshe will be buried in Ghana because he is a missionary. So far we are just waiting for the congregation to confirm the day of the burial. He belongs to the Church so we have to wait for instructions from his family (Missionaries of Africa),” she told Radio Icengelo News.

Ms. Bwalya said the family in Zambia is planning a memorial Mass on the Copperbelt once the burial date is confirmed by the Missionaries of Africa.

She added that the family received his death with grief and shock.

“We got the news with great shock to all of us but being a family of people who believe in God we have just remained calm. We are grieved all of us, starting from the youngest to the oldest member of our family. We are offering everything to God – praying for the soul of Fr. Chileshe to rest in peace,” she said.

“He was a very good man, a very good Priest. He gave us a lot of consolation.His last visit to Zambia was a remarkable one because as usual he would visit all the family members except where he could not reach because of time limit. Wherever he passed people were very happy,” Ms. Bwalya said.

She said Fr. Chileshe died at a hospital where was taken after complaining of feeling weak.

Fr. Chileshe is originally from Kabwe Diocese.

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