I Have Hold Of A Doctor Of Philosophy Degree (PhD) In Political Science, Deserves To Be Addressed With The Appropriate Title Not Mr- Dr Chris Zumani Tells Dr Nevers Mumba

In a recent development to the ongoing defamation saga, Former Special Assistant to President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for Politics, Dr. Chris Zumani Zimba has steadfastly stood his ground, refusing to retract or apologize for alleged defamatory statements made against Dr. Nevers Mumba.

Dr. Zimba’s legal representatives, Kang’ombe & Associates, issued a stern response to Dr. Mumba’s demand for retraction and apology, asserting that their client maintains his innocence and sees no reason to apologize.

In the strongly worded letter addressed to Dr. Mumba’s legal team, Kang’ombe & Associates emphasized that Dr. Zimba, as a holder of a Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) in political science, deserves to be addressed with the appropriate title.

“Your letter dated 9th instant has been passed onto us with instructions to render a response. Preliminarily, we note that you erroneously address our Client as ‘Mr’ For avoidance of doubt, he is officially addressed as Dr. Chris Zumani Zimba. The same is by virtue of being a deserved holder of a Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) in the celebrated discipline of political science.”

They firmly rejected any claims of defamation, stating that Dr. Mumba has no reputation to protect regarding the matters at hand.

The response concluded with a bold declaration that if Dr. Mumba insists on pursuing legal action, Dr. Zimba is prepared to meet him in court.

“If your client’s claim regarding purported defamation persists, we have instructions to receive court process as our client firmly believes that your client has no reputation whatsoever to protect in so far as the issues in casu are concerned.”

“We shall meet in Court”

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