A FORTY-nine year old woman of Lusaka is up in arms against her husband for denying her the chance to utilise her barbing skills in his groin area.

Luty Nowa Mwape of Kabanana Compund cried before the Lusaka Boma Local Court that from day one of their marriage in 2019, her 72-year old husband, Happy Philip Kachusha had never allowed her to landscape the region below the belly button.

The woman was hoping that the court would order her husband to grant her full and unrestricted access to the area where his biological tools are located for her to mow the overgrown lawns like any other responsible and loving wife does.

Besides that, Luty also complained that her husband also neglected to perform his bedroom duties and that he had hidden his HIV positive status from her.

She said after discovering that her husband was HIV positive, he had been resisting the use of condoms during love-making.

“I asked him that we should go for an HIV testing but he would always refuse, until one day, I caught him with ARVs. I became worried of my status, so I went to the hospital and I was given condoms but he refused that there was no way that he could be having sex with me using condoms. He barely touches me. Even two months pass without him touching me. The last time we had sex was on December 5, 2022 and when I asked him why, he told me that he also doesn’t know,” testified Luty.

But in responding to the accusations, Kachusha said the biggest problem in their marriage was that his wife had been refusing to pray with him as a Jehovah’s Witness.

Kachusha told the court that he informed Luty of his HIV status six months before their marriage and that the reason why he refused to be using condoms with her during sex was because health practitioners told him that his virus was inactive, therefore, he could not infect someone if he had unprotected sex.

And when asked for submissions, both parties were uncertain on whether they needed a reconciliation or divorce.

“It’s like both of you are not ready to be reconciled, the court will request that both of you to be counseled. So this matter has been adjourned to January 4, 2024 for counseling and judgment,” said Magistrate Sylvia Kabunda.

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