By Coach Franklin Nkowani

Beautiful family living in Congo in the city of Kinshasa, my father was a responsible man and loved my mom here and there and they lived together for 15 years with 5 children 2 boys and 3 girls.

We rarely received visitors at our house but there was a time Daddy’s cousin came to visit us and she was intend to stay with us for quite some time and 3 days later everything changed like magic. Suddenly daddy start abusing my mom beating her everyday, he started drinking like kaya cheeee, he start smoking weed and that man he would beat us like we were not his kids‍♂️he never cared what he’s holding in his hand he will use it to hit you with at that moment he turned into a very bad monster and each time he’s doing that his cousin will be there defending him and laughing at whatever was happening in the house and non of us understood what was happening.

Mom would ask Daddy what was wrong with him and why he suddenly changed since he’s cousin started staying with us and he would get upset and beat mom terribly at some point he even hit mom with an axe on the leg it almost cut off ‍♂️it was difficult to relate with Daddy and grow under his leadership we lived in that situation for almost a year. One day he just woke up and wanted to burn all of us in the house while he’s cousin was there enjoying his actions.

Later on Bally lost his job as a manager at one of the biggest mine in Congo and we moved at our farm in the village where things got really intense and mom became hopeless and vulnerable and I was just a kid to assist mom to beat up my dad and what was in my mind by then was if I was big boy I would have punched this guy on the face or just burn him alive lol he got luck I was young but if it was now one of us would have been behind bars or grave.

Fast forward, situation became worse and mom made a quick plan under difficult circumstances she was in, her body was tired and sometimes I would see her dead because she was too tired but she remained strong for her kids.

Daddy was out to do his activities with his cousin and mom told us to pack all our belongings where we were going I don’t know only mom and her God knows and that is how we left around 13hrs and we got to the city around 02hrs Ala we walked all night that day and we crossed some dangerous rivers and bushes without any harm or meeting dangerous animals ( Psalm 23:4) this scripture came alive in my life I saw God.

By God’s grace and Mercy mom managed to get int touch with her family back here in Zambia that’s how we got here and that’s how they divorced but when my dad’s cousin left, daddy came back to his sense and it was like he didn’t know what he was doing ( the cousin did some charm on him and she came with an assignment to destroy the marriage) but upon arriving in Zambia mom didn’t even stayed longer she died.

( after discovering the main cause of my moms death I don’t want to see any man in my eyes slapping or beating a woman NEVER, I don’t like to see a man talking to a woman anyhow because in most cases I feel anger and fear for that woman to go through what mom went through).

But this is what I want to say to all married people here or people in committed and promising relationships, it’s very important to monitor and know who comes to your house not all the relatives and friends you allow in your house have good intentions to see you happy as a family, some people are sent to destroy your marriage and your relationship. It’s not everyone you welcome in your house mean well.

Remember to always pray as a family or as a couple ask God to protect you from people that you call friends and family those are the people the enemy will use to destroy your marriage or relationship, remember the devil is always closer than you think. Imagine, since the day my Daddy’s cousin visited us everything changed and that was a beginning of hell which even caused my mom’s death.

When people visit your house pray when they are living with you pray and when they are leaving pray you might not know what brought calamity in your house.

With Love ❤️
Coach Franklin

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