President Hakainde Hichilema cannot continue to keep quiet amidst all this information about his unfulfilled promises coming out.

He must come out and face the people to save his integrity and explain what has happened for him not to fulfill what he promised to get elected as president of Zambia.

Hichilema must understand that his political legacy this far doesn’t look good at all. It’s seen as a legacy of a politician who swept into power using lies. The one who talks a lot sweet of nothings. He must change this narrative.

He positioned himself as a Mr Know It All. Mr Fix It. He rode into power on the platform that he was a successful wealth businessman leaving his comfort to come and help the country fix it’s economy. Since he was a trained successful Economist with a successful track record in the private sector. People bought into his message.

We too at Zambian Eye expected better than what we have seen this far. He is proving his critics correct. Even those who had gone into retirement are back feeling they would do a better job.

“Even at my worst in terms of performance, I stand shoulder to shoulder, former president Edgar Lungu said.

Things are currently bad and his government rating is at its lowest. He has recorded the highest fuel prices in history at K35 per litre. What a legacy for an Economist. The past 48 hours has seen the country record hikes in key economic determinants thus in fuel and electricity tariffs.

There is no economic recovery plan be it long or short term at least from our stand point. The price of the country’s staple food, mealie meal has tripled from K120 in 2021 to over K350. This is contrary to his K50 promise for a 25kg.

The maize grain reserves much of it has been exported. We have to import maize again with over 5 million people facing starvation.

We see no immediate plan to address hunger situation, energy crisis and higher fuel prices. We have to wait for nature or is it a miracle to redeem us. Eight hours which will be extended of no power is a huge impact on the economy. We are in deep waters.

Those close to him would rather sit and watch the movie. They say after all they have attainted what they never dreamed of in their lives, to become Ministers, Aides and Permanent Secretaries. They have nothing to lose. Those who try to come out to speak these issues are rubbished as members of the former ruling party, PF. It looks PF has continued to haunt them despite defeating it with a resounding vote.

Our message amidst all this is that Hichilema must pause and look into history. We have had powerful leaders before him. How was their ending. Never buy in some Praise Singers talk that there is no credible opposition. Your opposition is the people of Zambia. Fix the economy you promised them or face them and apologize.

Banking on the no credible opposition and hoping to manipulate the situation

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