Hichilema admits Lungu´s debt restructuring program good…but says its his initiative

Hichilema admits Lungu´s debt restructuring program good
…but says its his initiative

Thursday 2nd May 2024 [ Grindstone Television Zambia]

Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, the President of Zambia has admitted that the country has a debt restructuring program but has failed to say that the deal would have not been possible without the efforts of his predecessor Dr. Edgar Lungu in an address in Solwez yesterday.

“We have debt restructuring today which the failed to do,” President Hichilema said without mentioning the fact that President Lungu commenced the deal with his Finance Minister Dr. Bwalya Ngandu after hiring Lazard.

Mr. Hichilema also expressed his immortal fear of the possible return of Dr. Lungu during a labour day address saying, “alebwelelapo to do what.”

This comes amidts rising calls for Dr. Lungu to return to politics after Mr Hichilema´s promises to reduce fertilisers, fuel and the general cost of living have fallen flat on his face.

Even though Mr. Hichilema has publicly written off Lungu´s possible return to be his main contender, he never spares a moment to state that Lungu is NOT a factor.

Political analysts however say, if Dr Lungu is not a factor, why does Mr Hichilema make him a subject of his political vitriol every time he addresses the public?
Others say the biggest issue Mr Hichilema must worry about is not Dr Lungu but the ever-increasing cost of living because ´insala kapondo,´

Mr Hichilema must look at the ever-rising fuel prices and mealie meal prices not his predecessor Lungu, Zambians will bring him down and poverty not Dr. Lungu. It’s all about food they say.

There would be no debt restructuring President Hichilema speaks about without former President Lungu via the Dr Bwalya Ngandu deal with Lazard, this is undisputed factually.

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