“The former first lady Esther and her children without any traceable business, are trying to deceive us that they are very powerful prayer warriors and their ‘god’ would fight their legal battles. You don’t need a sangoma or supernatural force to help you to explain where you got your wealth unless it fell from heaven like manna” Romeo Kangombe has charged.

The Sesheke law maker has challenged the former first lady and her children to prove their innocence in court as opposed to seeking public sympathy.

“The former first lady is trying to hoodwink the public into believing that she is being persecuted but we are questioning how a first lady with so much security, would take money to a relative in Kalingalinga for safe keeping? Clearly, you can tell that someone was trying to hide proceeds of crime. Can Esther Lungu and her children tell us what business they are involved in?” Said Kangombe

Romeo has charged that the former first family was a family of looters and that is the reason why everyone is under investigation from the head of the house to the siblings and including nieces and girlfriends.

“Citizens must question: why was mama Betty Kaunda not prosecuted for corruption? Why was Vera Chiluba not arrested for corruption? Why was Maureen mwanawasa not arrested for corruption? Why was Thandiwe Banda not arrested for corruption? But all of the sudden we have a self acclaimed prayer warrior swimming in wealth which she cannot account for. The only thing we are hearing is that God will fight for me, go and tell her that the true God detest thieves.” Kangombe said

“Read books on high profile criminals, in most cases such people are devoted church goers. Mentioning the name of God does not make anyone innocent. Go to prison, convicts are the most devoted worshipers and prayers warriors, so we can’t be hoodwinked by crocodile tears.” Added Kangombe.

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