GBM’s Son, Muma Mwamba’s Passport Confiscated At Kenneth Kaunda International Airport


Son to Hon. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Muma, was detained at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport for over five hours upon his arrival from South Africa.

Fellow travelers expressed shock that a Zambian returning home could be a subject of such harassment.

GBM and his family who were waiting for Muma were kept waiting without any explanation.

Muma remained detained as officers kept on phoning their superiors for further guidance and instructions.

Muma who arrived with the 13hrs flight remained detained until he was released after 20;00hrs.

His passport has been confiscated.

Hon. GBM wrote;

“My son Muma has been flagged at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport upon he’s arrival from South Africa. He has been told to report to police with no offense mentioned by the ZP Force HQ who have given the directive.”

“Currently I, with colleagues Honorables Musukwa and Hon. Mangani are at the Police Post in the domestic terminal where he is currently detained and the officers too are not aware what the order from their superiors are all about.”

And Patriotic Front Chairperson of Information and Publicity, Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba condemned government actions of abusing law enforcement agencies.
Amb. Mwamba said that it was unacceptable that political harassment has been extended to members of the family and in many cases that leaves them traumatized.

He appealed to President Hakainde Hichilema to stop the abuse of Law Enforcement Agencies against members of the Opposition to settle political scores.

He said recently many members of the Opposition have been harassed and usually delayed at the Airport.

He said FDD President, Edith Nawakwi, Socialist Party PresidentFred M’membe, Amb.Emmanuel Mwamba and others, were stopped from traveling until the hidden superiors okeyed their departure.


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