Miles Sampa Has Warned Hichilema Of Great Consequences If He Doesn’t Stop The Summoning Of Fr. Chewe Mukosa

…as Miles Sampa tells President Hichilema about the consequences

By Fox Correspondent
MILES Sampa has warned President Hakainde Hichilema of great consequences if he doesn’t stop the summoning of controversial Catholic Church Priest, Fr. Chewe Mukosa by the police in Ndola.

Sampa, a strong supporter of the UPND and PF faction leader of two MPs warns that the action will be regrettable if not stopped.

“Church leaders & Catholic priests in particular should be respected. The Head of State (HH) should overrule the Police and cancel the Call-out for Father Mukosa of Lufwanyama. It’s an own goal on the UPND government with dire consequences if not recinded,” he warned.

And PF Kanchibiya Member of Parliament Sunday Chanda has also urged the police to rethink.

He posts on his facebook page the the following statement:-

This is totally uncalled for. Let me also point out that the Church is the conscience of the nation. In a nation said to be Christian, is this what you can do to clergy holding different views? So if all priests start to preach in similar manner, will you summon and arrest them all?

Sadly it is this type of zeal that’s brought down many African governments and no one seems to learn. To the Police – This excitement is uncalled for and extremely careless. Learn from the past including those who have gone before you and become wiser.

It’s a no brainer that on this matter the court of public opinion will side with the Priest for he committed no offence at all. We have real criminals the Police must be pursuing and not the clergy.

60 years after Independence such must not even grace the headlines of our media outlets at all – Please do not gag divergent views.

For warned is for armed. Those concerned must take judicial notice.

Hon Sunday Chanda
Member of Parliament

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