Easy on ECL´, says Mundubile

Easy on ECL´, says Mundubile

…ask HH why he hasn’t declared assets


Brian Mundubile, leader of opposition in parliament has described as ´cheap and hurtful´, a ´hate campaign´ sections of the Zambian media have embarked on against sixth President Edgar Lungu following an insightful interview he recently had with the Voice of America (VOA).

Hon. Mundubile said the anti-Lungu media missed an opportunity to focus on the ´unifying message´ Dr. Lungu gave via VOA instead of demeaning and belittling the former head of state regarding his history of wealth.

“Its unfair and cheap propaganda,” hon. Mundubile said, “and a total insult to the collective intelligence of Zambians to reduce the source of wealth President Lungu has to pre-office time alone.”

The lawmaker asked, “why ignore the fact that for seven years he earned money as President and via his other family businesses. But print only that which makes the former head of state look lame…journalism must evolve in this country we must start amplifying unifying stories not derogatory and divisive stories.”

On Sunday, President Lungu told VOA that if DEC wanted to know how his wife Esther and daughters, currently under probe for alleged money laundering acquired property, they should ask him because he is the source, like any caring husband and parent would do.

Dr. Lungu also wondered when it became a crime in Zambia to have any semblance of affluence, like the case has been with him as a DEC target.

Media sympathetic to President Hichilema has, however, gone top gear calling the former head of state derogatory names and ignore milestones he has contributed to Zambia as champion of media freedom via his work supporting journalists through the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) and various pro bono cases.

Dr. Lungu was a lead lawyer in obtaining compensation for surviving family members of those that lost relatives in the Gabon air disaster of 1993 that killed all 30 passengers on board belonging to the national soccer team of Zambia off the coast of Gabon.

Observers said attacks on president Lungu are misguided and that the attacks should be directed towards President Hakainde Hichilema too, as he has refused to declare his assets.

The US embassy in Zambia, Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) have relentlessly asked Mr Hichilema and top government officials to declare their assets as public officers, but the call has fallen on deaf ears.

“The divisive media must remind president Hichilema to declare his assets instead of raising the hate message against president Lungu who made his money and did it right,” hon. Mundubile.
Mundubile is concerned with the ´selectiveness´ of direct attacks on the character of Mr. Lungu while giving Mr Hichilema a ´free pass´ over lack of declaring his assets, a development that has angered many western donors.

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