Cyan Boujee Angered By TikTok Lookalike, Takes Action

The Doppelganger Amusing Mzansi
A TikTok user named Seldine Lucyanne Meintjies is facing a flood of attention due to her striking resemblance to Cyan. Despite her own efforts to carve out her identity online, she finds herself constantly compared to Cyan.

Cyan Boujee, whose real name is Honour Zuma, has gained massive popularity on platforms like TikTok. However, Lucyanne has been dealing with the unintended consequences of her resemblance to Cyan.

Fans have been flooding Cyan’s posts with links and pictures of her lookalike, Lucyanne, The disc jockey has now blocked her doppelganger on TikTok.

Lucyanne expressed her frustration at being constantly compared to Cyan, especially with some people assuming she wants to imitate Cyan’s life just because they share a similar name. She clarified that while she appreciates the recognition, she wants to be known for her own merits and not just as a lookalike of Cyan.

Cyan Boujee Angered By TikTok Lookalike [Image: Lucyanne Meintjies/TikTok]

To address claims that she is copying Cyan’s name, Lucyanne even had to verify her identity by posting her official documents on social media. Despite these efforts, the lookalike is still overshadowed by the slay queen’s popularity.

In a statement, Lucyanne acknowledged the similarities between herself and Cyan but emphasized that they are not related:

“I’m honoured to look like this queen, but every time I trend here on TikTok, it’s because of her, and I appreciate it, but it’s getting too much. Almost on every post, someone will mention her. I wanted to say I’m aware of the similarities, and we are not related whatsoever. I’m my own person. Everyone has that one person that looks like you. You just need to find them. It is normal having someone that looks like you but let’s not fall under their shadow, but absolutely love her. Thank you.”

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