Citizens Rise Against Traffic Cops’ Reign of Terror and Say No to Extortion and Abuse

Citizens Rise Against Traffic Cops’ Reign of Terror and Say No to Extortion and Abuse

By Daomone Siulapwa

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Across our nation’s roads, a disturbing trend is rearing its ugly head once again: the return of traffic cops mounting mini illegal roadblocks and harassing motorists under the guise of enforcing road taxes and other traffic offences.

What was supposed to be a measure to ensure safety and compliance has devolved into a shameful display of extortion and abuse of power.

As citizens, we demand answers. Were traffic cops given the green light to resume their predatory practices of mini roadblocks, or are they operating illegally?

The confusion surrounding their presence on our roads only adds to the frustration and anger felt by motorists who find themselves at the mercy of these uniformed predators.

Gone are the days of appropriate checkpoints and legitimate law enforcement.

Instead, we witness traffic cops swarming like bees, targeting motorists indiscriminately in search of bribes.

They lurk behind bus stops, roundabouts, four way stops and defunct traffic lights and ambush unsuspecting drivers

Some hide in bushes along roads like kafue road, all in the pursuit of personal gain at the expense of law-abiding citizens, this is nothing short of aggravated robbery.

But we refuse to be victimized any longer. We say no to this daylight robbery and exploitation by those who have sworn to protect and serve.

The abuse of the traffic uniform for personal enrichment is a betrayal of the trust placed in these officers and a stain on the integrity of law enforcement.

It is time for the traffic high command to take decisive action and condemn these egregious acts of misconduct.

The rampant corruption and abuse of power within their ranks cannot be allowed to continue unchecked.

We demand accountability, transparency, and swift justice for those who tarnish the reputation of the traffic police.

While we understand the challenges posed by the current economic climate, we refuse to be turned into cash cows for the personal enrichment of a corrupt few.

The hardworking citizens of this nation deserve better than to be preyed upon by those entrusted with upholding the law.

Together, let us raise our voices in solidarity against the tyranny of traffic cops who exploit their positions for personal gain.

Let us demand respect for the rule of law and an end to the reign of terror on our roads.

The time for action is now, before more innocent motorists fall victim to this culture of corruption and abuse.

As citizens, next time you are confronted by some of these corrupt traffic cops, politely request for their ID or service numbers as you are entitled to know.

Take note of those details and expose them to the media and their high command if they demand for any bribe or threaten you into succumbing.

Daimone Siulapwa is a political analyst, an advocate for tribal unity and Citizen Economic Empowerment. Send your comments to

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