Police in Chingola District on the Copperbelt have made headway in solving a case of a fatal murder and vehicle theft that happened on an unspecified date but came to light on March 11th, 2024, at 07:30 hrs, along the Copperbelt Energy Corporation-CEC-poll lines area in Soweto.

The victim, identified 34-year-old taxi driver Sichinga Leonard, of house No.7 Mushili Close, Soweto, Chingola, fell prey to unknown assailants resulting in his untimely demise.

Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba tells Mafken FM radio that the perpetrators made off with the deceased’s motor vehicle bearing registration mark BCA 674, a pearl-coloured sedan with the chassis number AE110-5211432 and engine number 5AG95767, valued at K85, 000.

Mr Mweemba has revealed that following an extensive investigation, police traced the stolen vehicle to Zambia Compound in Chambishi District, adding that the vehicle had been stripped down, with its engine, gearbox, and fuel tank removed and further inspection of a nearby residence led to the recovery of the vehicle’s front and rear seats.

He reveals that during interrogations, crucial leads emerged, ending in the apprehension of three male suspects linked to the crime. Among them, Shadrick Mukosha emerged as the alleged mastermind, orchestrating the ambush, Mukosha, alongside accomplices Stephen Kankomba and Godfrey Kashale, conspired to steal any available vehicle on the fateful day of the incident.

Detailed accounts provided by Mukosha have revealed how the perpetrators lured the victim under false pretences, later actions saw the stolen vehicle stripped and its components sold, with the engine and gearbox finding their way into another vehicle, a Toyota Corolla with registration mark BCB3992.

The Copperbelt Commanding Officer has revealed that police have since recovered the vehicle, and is parked at Chingola Central Police Station, further revealing that the suspects, are in police custody waiting to appear in court soon.

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