Army gifts Copper Queens ‘soldier’ players K5,000 and K10,000 winning bonus

ZAMBIA Army promoted Copper Queens players will pocket a K5,000 bonus each from the Army for representing the country and the institution well.


Skipper Barbra Banda, defenders Anita Mulenga, Martha Tembo, Lushomo Mweemba and Ireen Lungu have been promoted to their next rank. In addition to the promotion they will walk away with a bonus.

For Kabange Mupopo, she has not been promoted because she is too junior to be moved the rank of warrant officer while Ngambo Musole and Rachael Kundananji among others are yet to attend training.

Army commander Lieutenant General Sitali Alibuzwi said the players and team represented Zambia and the Army.

“We bring about special recognition of your performance by appreciating you in one way or the other. You will agree with me that you are in a number of categories.

“I should mention the peculiarity of categories to you players, for example we have staff sergeant Mupopo Kabange you cannot yet be a warrant officer you are too junior but all the same we will find a way of appreciating you by giving you a token of appreciation in terms of a winning bonus,” he said.

He said the promoted officers will walk away with K5,000 while the enlisted players like Musole will be given a winning bonus of K10,000 each.

“For those of you who will not be promoted will get a winning bonus of K10,000 and for those who will be promoted in addition to the promotion you will get K5,000 just to say thank you,” the commander said.

Meanwhile, Banda described the promotion as motivating.

“I would like to say thank you to the army commander for the promotion, this has really motivated me and the team, others that have been promoted.

“It is a motivation to us, we are working so hard, we are representing our country at large so this is huge because it is our job, we are so happy and humbled for the promotion,” Banda said.


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