The Zambia Institute of Marketing (ZIM) has announced its 27th Annual Marketing Conference, set to take place from May 21st to 24th, 2024, at the Avani Victoria Falls Resort in Livingstone.

The event, aimed at fostering collaboration and driving innovation and growth, will bring together over 400 top marketers and business practitioners from across the country. Besa Mwewa, ZIM CEO, praised the transformative nature of the event, highlighting its potential to be a catalyst for change and collaboration.

The conference will feature speakers from various fields who will offer practical strategies and actionable advice. Mwewa also invited the media to join in amplifying the impact of the event, acknowledging their crucial role in shaping the marketing landscape of Zambia. The conference will focus on market elevation, innovation, and resilience, with attendees expected from Zambia and beyond.

Organizer Yebby Shitima highlighted the conference’s theme as “Elevate-Innovate-Thrive,” emphasizing innovation, agility, and strategic thinking. She highlighted the importance of leveraging technology for enhanced marketing efforts, noting that digital platforms and data analytics allow businesses to tailor strategies to meet evolving consumer needs. She also highlighted the importance of sustainability and social responsibility as crucial aspects of successful marketing campaigns.

Storytelling is highlighted as a powerful tool for building emotional connections with audiences, and through multimedia content and experiential marketing, brands can foster loyalty. Shitima encouraged marketers to embrace creativity and experimentation to adapt to changing trends and stay competitive in the dynamic landscape.

In conclusion, the conference provides actionable strategies for thriving in modern marketing, focusing on innovation, leveraging technology, prioritizing sustainability, storytelling, and fostering creativity.

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