Zesco Board Chairperson Confirms Rumors of Managing Director’s Suspension as False

Zesco Board Chairperson Confirms Rumors of Managing Director’s Suspension as False

By Astro Tv Correspondent
May 12, 2024

In a reassuring turn of events, Zesco Board Chairperson, Mr. Vickson Nc’ube, has swiftly dispelled rumors regarding the suspension of Zesco Managing Director Eng. Victor Benjamin Mapani. Speculation had been rife throughout the day, prompting concerns among stakeholders. However, Mr. Nc’ube’s statement in a WhatsApp group provided much-needed clarity.

“Please, Mapani has not been fired. He is not even on forced leave!” Mr. Nc’ube’s assertion serves as a firm rebuttal to the circulating rumors, confirming that Eng. Mapani’s position as Managing Director remains unchanged.

Efforts to obtain an official comment from the Zesco Board were hindered by their ongoing meeting during the press time. However, Mr. Nc’ube’s categorical denial effectively puts an end to the speculation, alleviating concerns among stakeholders and the public.

The false rumors regarding Eng. Mapani’s suspension underscore the importance of accurate information and the need to verify sources before drawing conclusions. Mr. Nc’ube’s statement serves as a reminder of the significance of clear communication from authoritative sources, particularly in matters concerning key figures within Zambia’s energy sector.

As there is no further confirmation expected following the Zesco Board’s meeting, stakeholders can rest assured that Eng. Mapani remains at the helm of Zesco as Managing Director.

With this clarification, attention can now shift back to the core operations of Zesco, ensuring continued stability and progress within the company.

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