THE Ministry of Technology and Science (MoTS) Team led by Dr. Brilliant Habeenzu, has ambitiously announced plans to intensify its Space Mission. Accompanied by a distinguished team of scientists, including Dr. Faustin Banda, Dr. Larry L Mweetwa, Dr. Patrick Sibanda, and Mr. Fred Joe Nambala, Dr. Habeenzu met with his Angolan counterpart, Dr. Pascoal Borges Alé Fernandes with his Director General of Space Science Agency to discuss a collaborative framework with Angola’s GGPEN. This partnership focuses on leveraging space science technologies for mutual benefits in agriculture, ground water mapping, environmental monitoring, mineral exploration, and security.

The successful discussions culminated in the signing of an implementation roadmap under the existing MOU on Space Science between the two nations.

Zambia’s recent diplomatic efforts have yielded over 21 impactful bilateral agreements with Angola under the leadership of Ambassador Lawrence Chalungumana. Some key examples include the Cooperation In the petroleum sector, bilateral trade Agreement, Cooperation in Agriculture sector, Planned deployment of Zambian medical professionals , the Lobito corridor trade Facilitation project, and the newly established space science collaboration to mention but a few.

Given Ambassador Chalungumana’s record of success, some foreign policy analysts have expressed concern over reports of his possible recall by the new dawn government. They caution that such a move could potentially hinder Zambia’s progress in key areas like international relations and technological advancement. We Pray President Hichilema rethink this recall decision of Amb. Chalungumana.

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