Zahara’s Husband Shockingly Reveals He Doesn’t Know Her Burial Location!

Mpho Xaba, the man who married South African singer Zahara a few weeks before her death, has revealed that he still does not know where she is buried, as her family shut him out on the day following her demise last year.

Zahara passed away on 11 December at a private hospital in Johannesburg after struggling with a liver ailment.

Xaba, who proposed to Zahara in March last year, reportedly paid lobola for the Afro-soul musician only a few weeks before her death.

While he had been welcomed gracefully by her family while Zahara lived, Xaba said, all this changed when she passed away he told Sunday World.

“I was completely sidelined on funeral arrangements. [They did] not consult me on anything. Myself and my family were completely sidelined. Our opinions didn’t matter. In fact, we were not allowed to make any opinions,” he said.

Xaba, a businessman, said that Zahara’s sisters had started fabricating stories that he wanted to grab her property, which had fuelled negative sentiments against him.

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“Her family creates a crisis. They lied, her sisters lied. …They said I was busy claiming Bulelwa’s properties, I don’t know why.

“I have three properties, I don’t know why they would think that because Bulelwa’s house was on the verge of getting auctioned again. And I am the one who said ‘let us get out of that situation’,” he said.

Xaba revealed that despite being sidelined, he was still paying for Zahara’s medical bills.

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